Ai nevoie doar de un tratament care tratează in mod precis și permanent rotația atlasului . Această metodă este naturală , non-medicală și nu provoacă niciun fel de durere . În orice caz , mai presus de toate , este o masură preventivă . Prin urmare , este necesar să aplici această metodă pe copii pe cat de devreme este posibil pentru a îi ajuta să crească sănătos și să își dezvolte un corp și un spirit sănătos.

Tratamentul pentru adulți are prețul de 1150 de lei ( costul fiind fixat internațional ).

Pentru copiii de până la 16 ani tratamentul costă 830 lei.

Prețul include masajul adițional și controlul necesar la o lună . Tratamentul durează în jur de 45 de minute.


For the first time in your life, your Atlas is finally in its right position- its natural place. This is very important event in your life. Correctly adjusted Atlas can never again be sprained simply for the anatomic-mechanic reasons! In many cases, soon after the treatment, normal health condition is restored, although sometimes it takes a little more patience. After the Atlas correction, your organism gradually awakens as time passes. As we have already informed you, there might be different reactions during the process of regeneration and self-healing. These reactions depend on your current health condition and, accordingly, can be more or less emphasized. Reactions can start the same day or after seven days, a month or even a year after the Atlas correction. An immense fatigue means that there are serious inflammations are present. States of depression, sorrow and strong negative thoughts could temporary appear but they would gradually disappear.

Reactions can start the same day or after seven days, a month or even a year after the Atlas correction. An immense fatigue means that there are serious inflammations are present. In certain cases, it is not just enough to have patience, but also to include the additional traditional treatments or therapies in order to help the body to eradicate hardened compensational spine bends (in the cervical spine and lumbar region). These compensational spine bends are caused by rotated Atlas from the very beginning of your life. If needed, get in touch with your therapist but never allow anyone to manipulate your cervical spine by making sudden twists. During the regeneration and adjustment to the new posture, some tensions and pains in muscular system in the occiput, back and lumbar region might appear even after several months or years from the treatment. For the same reason, it is necessary to take care of the body and supporting it in its process of self-healing by having regular massages, either manual or by a mechanic massager. All the other traditional therapies and treatment will be far more efficient thanks to the right Atlas position and the free flow of nerve and life energy. You have to consider the fact that you have been living with the rotated Atlas the entire life and that your body needs time to regenerate with your active support. Get rid of the bad habits: cigarettes, alcohol, junk food etc. The diseases mainly caused by dislocated Atlas did not occur over night so the process of regeneration and self-healing could also take as much as several years- depending on your current physical and mental state. Therefore, make no illusions- the road to health can be exhaustive and long, especially if there was a long history of disease. The nature will do everything necessary to make you better. However, in order to toughen your cervical and back muscles, you have to do exercises.

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